Trickle's focus is content distribution. Our goal is to spearhead the development in the industry and create holistic and channel agnostics tactics that help our clients grow. The key is to find the right balance between planning, execution and structure. Too much planning is useless without real data and too much execution without structure and planning is a waste of both time and money. In simpler words we help our clients and partners to reach their audiences and business goals without prejudices and routine plans.

Content distribution strategy

Hands-on work, moving fast and nitty gritty details is the core of Trickle and has a special place in the heart of the entire agency. However success isn’t just running fast, it’s also about evaluating the past, constructing plans and formulating strategies that align with the entire organization’s overarching business goals. We aim at integrating our findings in your pre-existing documents and planning tools to ensure long term success.

Optional to cherry pick specific areas based on request:

Get the full overview

  • Access and evaluate current tech stack, tools, strategies and previous results
  • Understand your overall business goals and longterm plan 
  • Analysis of competitors and your industry/vertical
  • Identify your macro and micro goals with supporting KPI:s 
  • Identify your key and supporting audiences 
  • Identify and analyse prioritized keywords and customer search intent
  • Visualise and specify the customer journey from off-site to final conversion
  • Analyse and identify possibilities to develop your website to increase conversion rate
  • Prioritize the right platforms based on your needs and our analysis
  • Identify relevant budget levels connected to goals, audiences and platforms

Content distribution

The customer journey is long, winding and never ending. With Trickle’s method of content distribution, we help you create moments, from initial impact to retargeting. Based on each specific scenario we will recommend running a campaign or a continuous always on project within our craft: from identifying goals, understanding your audiences, adding KPI’s and setting up distribution plans to reach them.

Social media - organic and paid

  • Breakdown of business goals to align with social media KPI:s
  • Audience analysis and target group breakdown
  • Content adaptation and recommendations that align with the audiences and goals 
  • Prioritizing platforms, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, Pinterest, youtube etc.
  • Create a plan that aligns with tactics and findings
  • Community management and social listening
  • Build out best practice campaign structure and bidding strategy 
  • Analyse, optimise and reporting according to Trickle processes

Influencer marketing

  • Identification and evaluation of potential collaborations
  • Analytics and data breakdown based on selection 
  • Breakdown of potential investment and ROAS per collaboration
  • Construct content, brand and tonality briefs
  • Tactics to integrate influencer marketing with other paid marketing activities.

Display advertising

  • Specification of best practice content and formats
  • Identification of suitable data management and advertising platforms to align with your audiences and goals
  • Tactics for white and blacklists to increase brand safety and minimize digital waste

Email marketing

  • Implement and manage high and low effort email marketing tools. 
  • Set-up strategy to ensure post purchase engagement and referral programs. 
  • Construct marketing automation strategy and implementation. 
  • Connect email marketing activities with paid media and lead generation campaigns

Search engine advertising

Your future customers already have their hands up, looking to buy. While social media marketing is about demand generation, search engine marketing and optimisation (SEM/SEO) is about demand capture. Effective messaging paired with a robust keyword analysis, landing page mapping and content analysis is the best way to nab those high-intent prospects, precisely at their moment of need.

Search engine marketing - SEM

  • Set-up of accounts and structure for billing 
  • Identification of macro and micro goals with supporting KPI:s
  • Account structure, ad groups and creation of strong text ads
  • Budget allocation and bidding strategy 
  • Competitor and keywords analysis 
  • Analysis of site to align with SEM tactics 
  • Analyse, optimise and reporting according to Trickle processes 
  • Connecting google ads with tracking tools to ensure ROAS

Search engine optimisation

  • Identification of macro and micro goals with supporting KPI:s
  • Technical analysis of site and identification of quick wins 
  • Competitor and keywords analysis 
  • Content analysis 
  • Set-up tools and tracking to evaluate development
  • Implement reporting structure 
  • Weekly or monthly reporting with insights and suggestions for improvement.

Measurement, analysis & CRO

Before you attack, know how to track. For clean, compliant data we help our customers and partners implement everything from data collection, GDPR security and understanding the perfect tech stack. We firmly believe reporting and insights should be understandable, actionable and shareable. Always with optimization in mind; all our reports, campaign or otherwise, provide you with ready-for-implementation tips and recommendations to increase conversions.


  • Data security and GDPR compliance
  • Secure tracking on-site and off-site
  • Implement pixels, insight tags and tracking codes for platforms
  • Set-up of e-commerce tracking 
  • Implementation of customer data platforms – CDP´s 
  • Server side tracking and conversion API:s

Site & CRO

  • Customer journey mapping and improvement to increase results 
  • Landing page analysis and suggestions for improvement 
  • Landing page creation to support marketing activities 
  • Content analysis to align with audiences, goals and tactics

Reporting & insights

  • Dashboard implementation and management
  • Automated reports via email with actionable insights and data

Content adaptation & tactics

One size doesn’t fit all and therefore, sometimes, we need to adapt to make content apt. Using our expertise in placements and customer journeys we can take existing content and tweak it to fit not only just right, but above and beyond. Trickle is all about repurposing, new is not always nice – therefore we always strive to help you analyze and breathe new fresh air into your content bank enabling larger investments towards reach and engagement.

Videos & images

  • Editing of existing content to align with best practices and objectives 
  • Adjustment of formats to suit each plattform 
  • Adaptation of content to align with audiences, goals and algorithms.


  • SEO analysis and adjustments to improve keywords and searchability 
  • Structure and content changes to improve engagement

Workshops & in-house training

Education has been an important part of Trickle’s DNA since the beginning. Being a specialist in an ever changing media landscape demands both curiosity and flexibility when it comes to new trends and tools. This combined with our close relationship and collaboration with the best marketing schools in the Nordics has helped us honed our educational and inspirational skills for both the next generation marketers and experienced professionals taking the next step in their career.


  • Access to 300 professionals within all disciplines from the People People People agency network 
  • Flexibility based on our clients needs 
  • Offering that focuses on post workshop or educational check-ins to ensure real change and longterm effect


  • Both longterm and short term courses, preferably smaller groups
  • Hands on and technical implementation, analysis, optimization and reporting on all digital platforms
  • Overview strategy to increase understanding of goals, KPI:s and budget rational
  • High level and hands-on development of customer journey analysis and mapping 
  • Measurement and analysis based on your tech stack

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