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Trickle-down wellness

Trickle has grown out of a fundamental excitement for all things web and social media. Ah, how we romanticize the web and it’s weirdly democratic eco system! Therefore, we don’t believe all too much in hierarchies – and if you’re looking to become one of us – you probably shouldn’t either. We let our overall excitement for content, distribution and data speak for itself. If you can impress us, we’re very much listening. If you can impress us by referencing something we love… well, then you will hold a place in our hearts forever. Looking to impress? Here is our counter offer.

Culture club

We’re a fun and fast paced band of distributors who execute wonders on a daily basis. We believe your overall well being, where you work and who you work with are just as important as the what and the how. A philosophy pioneered by our sibling agency Oh My!, which we have taken to heart. That’s why we’ve got our employees covered. Insurance, collective agreement… All that jazz of course. But jazz aside, we have our employees covered in other aspects too.

Our perks


We provide a healthy boost to your salary if you work out. That’s right, you get paid to sweat! A nice motivation for hitting the gym a few times a week, don’t you think?


Luftlön, loosely translated to “Oxygen salary”, is a way to encourage breaks and fresh air. Take a short walk, get your creative juices flowing and ka-ching: a little something extra on your paycheck. Oxygen-ius.

Your own company card

Boring and time consuming expense reports are a thing of the past. We’ve partnered up with start up Pleo to provide all of our employees with their own company card. Yup, we trust our employees. Why not, y'know?

Job openings atm

Lead, Oslo

Trickle's expanding and we're looking to ramp up our presence in the Norwegian market. This is your chance to play a key role in that journey!

Lead, Helsinki

Do you want to play a key role in expanding Trickle and making our presence even better on the Finnish market? Hyvä, apply!

Tracking Specialist

You got the data bug, too? We're all too familiar with that itch (& we know how to scratch it!).

Performance Marketing Specialist

Are you a digital performance marketing specialist that's just oozing with excitement and digital tactics? Join the fun, why don't ya?

SEM Specialist

Are you paid search specialist looking help grow a business and it's offerings from the ground up? Look no further, then.

Content Distributor

We're looking for new content distributors who share our outlook on distribution and wants to grease some elbows, do some legwork and deliver some astonishing results.