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A quarter in review

We like to share our insights and experiences as much as we like learning from others. Here, you will find Trickle’s Quarterly Reports. We dive deep into content distribution and advertising, expanding our philosophy and presenting case studies as we go. Take the plunge!

In light of Meta restrictions – how to drive effective recruitment ads

Facebook is taking action against discrimination. In late 2021, Meta introduced the Special Ad Category, which affects advertising within four categories: work, credit, housing, elections, and politics. This article will explain what marketers need to know about Meta's new ad category and how to master online recruitment.

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Fighting ad fatigue in a remarketed world

It's a quarterly report – done the Trickle way. Read up on ad fatigue, our thoughts on retargeting done right and the challenges and possibilities that lie ahead in a changing digital landscape.

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Anti-waste in a digital recession

This is not your average quarterly report. Filled to the brim with thoughts on the world of digital marketing, case studies and why we believe in minimizing digital waste – it's Trickle. We hope you like it.

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