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Maybe you want to talk about new business, workshops & lectures or any other ways to collaborate? Or perhaps you’re interested in an internship or want to submit your resumé? Feel free to holler!


Rosenlundsgatan 40, Stockholm

+46 70 66 71 100

All Stockholm

Elin Forslund

Agency Manager

elin@trickle.se +46722328983

David Larsson

Creative & Distribution Director

david@trickle.se +46707135296

Karolina Pagaduan

Content Distributor

karolina@trickle.se +46704078134

Olle Saxgård

Analytics & Optimization

olle@trickle.se +46703504687

Cornelia Venseth

Performance Marketing Specialist

cornelia@trickle.se +46735265099

Felicia Teglén

Content Distributor

felicia@trickle.se +46705264334

Andreas Jallinder

SEM Specialist

andreas@trickle.se +46702269036

Christina Norling

Content Distributor

christina@trickle.se +46735317503

Marcus Hune

Content Distributor

marcus.hune@trickle.se +46730669396

Brooke Motley

Content Distributor

brooke@trickle.se +46728450585

Maria Damgren

Content Distributor / SEM Specialist

maria@trickle.se +46739399529