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5 Best hacks - Optimizing ads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become an indispensable platform for B2B marketers looking to boost their brand visibility and generate leads. To make the most of your LinkedIn ad campaigns, it’s essential to leverage the platform’s unique features and tools. 

Here are five best hacks for optimizing your ads on LinkedIn and driving better results:

Master the Power of Demographic Reports:

  1. LinkedIn’s demographic reports provide valuable insights into your target audience’s professional traits, such as titles, companies, and job seniorities. Use this data to adjust your campaign and target the groups that your ads resonate with the most. This enhanced understanding of your audience will help you refine your targeting strategy and drive higher engagement.


Utilize Lead Ads to Generate High-Quality Leads:

  1. LinkedIn’s lead ads are an effective tool for B2B marketers, as they lower the barrier to entry while targeting relevant audiences. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn’s algorithm is less likely to optimize for irrelevant individuals within your target group. Using lead ads for purposes like, for example job recruitment or newsletter, can yield a higher hit rate and better-quality leads.


Leverage Document Ads for Engaging Content Distribution:

  1. Document ads are a powerful format that enables you to share white papers and other valuable content with your audience with a lower threshold. With the ability to offer previews, you can pique your audience’s interest and create a compelling reason for them to become a lead. Experiment with document ads to enhance your content distribution and lead generation efforts.


Retarget LinkedIn Traffic on Meta for Cost-Efficient Results:

  1. Retarget your LinkedIn traffic on Meta to take advantage of lower CPM rates. By building a retargeting group in Meta based on the UTM-tagging from your LinkedIn campaign, you can ensure your ads reach a verified audience. Keep in mind that this strategy requires sufficient data to be effective.


Target Users Who Have Recently Changed Jobs:

  1. Individuals who have recently started a new job often want to make an impact and may be more receptive to new ideas or solutions. Targeting this group, especially in combination with lead ads, can result in higher engagement and conversion rates.



Optimizing your LinkedIn ads is crucial for maximizing the potential of your B2B marketing campaigns. By implementing these five hacks, you’ll be well on your way to enhancing your ad performance and achieving better results on LinkedIn. Continuously monitor, analyze, and refine your campaigns to stay ahead of the competition and drive optimal ROAS.