Trickle versus AI

Artificial intelligence, AI, is here. Fine tuned by billions and billions of machine learning data points, we are at a time when machines beat humans also in many disciplines – some say also in the creative sense. Like, for instance, creating ads for a Facebook campaign.

But is that really the case?

The Trickle vs AI campaign

We have decided to put this to the test! How does the AI really perform when it comes to creating ads for Facebook and Instagram? Our campaign objective is very simple: See who, Trickle or the AI, can push as much traffic as possible to a Looker Data Studio dashboard (desktop | mobile or simply scroll down). The dashboard presents the actual campaign data, in some sort of Interstellar wannabe way.


We have commanded the AI to generate three different captions and three different images based on the campaign objective. We also commanded our selves to do the same. Hence, we ended up with:


– 3 AI generated captions

– 3 AI generated images

– 3 human generated captions

– 3 human generated images


We then combined these in all possible combinations, throwing a small bag of money at Zuckerberg and told Meta Ads Manager to display these ads to people who are interested in digital marketing. Then we waited with as much anxiety as excitement, to see the results reveal.


This campaign is still active and you can scroll down to follow the results on the dashboard.

Do you want to learn more about us? Don't be afraid to reach out – we do more than just AI based campaigns.