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Scalable growth


Paid social & SEM

To scale and find value in other channels than search – that's the challenge Zervant faced. Together with Trickle, Zervant has found a scalable model to identify new growth areas, channels and markets while simultaneously and continuously lowering the conversion costs.


Expanding to new markets and improving ROAS

Zervant was looking to find a partner to take their digital marketing to the next level. The main focus was to increase results on the platforms where the client previously generated the best return on investment – primarily Google Ads. Trickle’s task was to substantially increase spend and expand to new markets while maintaining relevant return on investment. 


In addition, Zervant had been struggling with finding value in other channels than Google Ads (search) where they historically put a majority of their efforts. However, they’ve been continuously working with social media from a branding perspective nurturing their current followers accompanied with a low spend in media.


Tactical information:

Campaign framework

Implemented a test and thesis driven way of working, with continuous tests on matters such as incremental value of brand and reach campaigns, working with 3rd party data sources and activating new channels.


Moved away from only looking at CPL and CPI by shifting focus towards CPA and ROI, supporting all parts of the extensive customer journey.

Finding the room for improvements

The initial analysis indicated a wide area of potential improvements, both connected to their way of working with Google Ads but also within other platforms such as paid social, Bing Ads and Apple Search Ads. 


Trickle together with the internal team launched projects to understand the value of increasing demand through other ”reach” focused platforms, for example Facebook and Display advertising. We implemented a clear framework for optimization of campaign structure and data, content, target groups and channels to solve a lower cost of conversion. In addition, we created an extensive dashboard which allowed internal stakeholders to monitor the results. 


Today we manage all digital paid media activities on 9 markets, with a more saturated budget split between the different platforms, serving high quality conversions at a low cost.

"With Trickle we feel like their whole team is there to support us. They’ve been a good fit for us due to their professional, fun and data driven culture, and due to that they want to understand their business impact at a deeper level than just simply focusing on direct KPI’s. There’s also a sense of unwillingness to be satisfied with the status quo, but rather a constant push towards continuous improvement, which is evidence of the clear passion that the people at Trickle have for their work. They’ve also always been very responsive, cooperative and coordinated during their time with us, which has made the day-to-day process of working together very smooth."

Robin Rehn Head of Marketing


Some things we are extra proud over


Lowered CPA on SEM with 5-10% between different markets.


Increased spend with valuable results on Google app campaigns and Apple search ads by 756%.


Activated 4 new markets where we can see potential for growth based on tests.

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