From Lead Gen to Demand Gen

B2B marketing is a long term game, where the right kind of KPI's and tactics matter. When sales cycles are long and visibility to actions taken on the customer journey limited, which strategy do you turn to – lead generation or demand generation?

Date: September 19th

How does lead generation work? And what does demand generation really mean? Which one of these strategies brings more results? You will get the answers to these, and many more questions, at this webinar!

In just 45 minutes we will cover:

  • Current state of B2B marketing
  • Lead generation vs. demand generation
  • Roadmap to demand generation

This webinar is for you, if you are working in marketing, sales, or management and want to grow your company with digital marketing.

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The webinar will get you thinking:

Is your company’s marketing strategy right?
Are you prioritising the right things to achieve your marketing goals?
Have you set your marketing KPIs right?

This webinar has been rated 9.7/10 among marketing professionals, so don’t miss out – secure your spot now!

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Sep 19, 2023




Keynote speakers

Profibild för Laura Myllykoski

Laura Myllykoski

Laura is a B2B marketing guru, who has helped her clients generate tens of millions in revenue from digital marketing activites. +358401680259