Building big brands

When you want to significantly grow your business, brand really matters. But many companies still don't understand the value of branding, because it is difficult to measure. In this webinar, we will walk you through what exactly makes a big brand, why does it matter, and how can you actually build one.

Date: October 10th

What makes a big brand? Why does branding matter? How can you build a big brand? You will get the answers to these, and many more questions, at this webinar!

In just 45 minutes we will cover:

  • Why branding is so important
  • What makes a big brand
  • How to build a big brand
  • How to measure brand

This webinar is for you, if you are working in marketing in any B2C or B2B company.

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The webinar will get you thinking:

Is your branding strategy really working?
How should you incorporate brand & product marketing?
Should you invest more in branding?

Time to tune in


Oct 10, 2023




Keynote speakers

Profibild för Laura Myllykoski

Laura Myllykoski

Laura is a marketing guru, who has helped her clients generate tens of millions in revenue from digital marketing activites. +358 401 680 259