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What we mean by distribution

Trickle through the cracks. Our feeds are on the brink of information overload and what’s so painfully lacking is timing and finesse. Simply put, reaching the right people at the right time with the right message.

1. Goals & data

Data scores the goals

We believe all content can be good content, it’s all a matter of timing and precision. Preparation is key and data is the key chain. That’s why we do the work up front. Fear not, we don’t rely on dusty, old statistics. All our audience analysis are done on-demand: freshly squeezed data juice, tailor made to you and your audience, through an elaborate data mining process combining several audience intelligence databases. Why act on anything less than a truthful, diverse audience insight?

2. Story planning & moments

Don’t disrupt, be a part of the conversation

Sick of your Facebook feed? Are your Google searches too cluttered? Well, too much existing distribution is trying too hard to disrupt customers. We believe in finding key moments and planning for those to achieve maximum effect. But dazzling acronyms doesn’t matter without a strategy to back it up.

We call this story planning, the tool to master the mix of message, channels, precision and timing. Planning to be relevant with your content when your audience is most likely to relate to it and not letting your content rely on coincidences. Delivering valuable content at key moments in your customer’s life will not only increase traffic, but also add value and raise conversions. Less disrupting, more fitting in as a natural part of the customer journey.

3. Placements & execution

No place like the right place

Greasing elbows and doing the legwork is nothing short of necessary to deliver astounding results. Implementation, optimization, conversion & reporting is the mantra around the Trickle offices.

There are no shortcuts to better the value from your content. We are experts in real-time-bidding, Facebook advertising, Google Ads, remarketing, audience optimization not only because want to, rather simply because we have to be.

4. Analysis & stats

Analyse this, analyze that

The way forward is to always look backwards. Of course, by backwards we mean: continuous analysis.

We pride ourselves on our reporting and deliver best in show reports on audiences, KPIs, message analysis and conversions. For our content distributions customers they are delivered weekly, for campaigns even more frequently and are always wrapped up with a nice presentation at the end. All in all: successful distribution with a cherry on top.