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Level Up Your Paid Search Advertising with ChatGPT

Let’s dive into the dynamic world of AI, a realm where the pace of progress is so relentless that any article about the subject is likely to age faster than milk left in the summer sun. With each passing week, we witness advancements that redefine the boundaries of the possible. Thus, it’s not surprising that Google recently announced the imminent integration of generative AI into Google Ads, promising a major shift in the way we approach paid search advertising. How that will impact the way we work with the platform remains to be seen. But until that future materializes, there’s a silver bullet already at our disposal – ChatGPT. 

In this article, we’ll list some of the countless ways digital marketers can leverage the power of AI in paid search. Buckle up.

  • Brainstorming keywords
    The bedrock of paid search is undeniably keywords. Although ChatGPT might not be equipped to supply up to date search volumes, keyword competitiveness, or other search trend data, it remains an exceptional instrument for brainstorming keyword ideas and pinpointing various search intents. Additionally, it excels at organizing your keywords, aiding you in constructing ad groups and campaign structures in zero time.
  • Crafting text assets
    This is where ChatGPT comes into its own. Bombard it with all available information about your business and it morphs into your virtual scribe, generating copy for all your text-based assets. Need headlines sprinkled with social proof, call-to-actions, generic USPs or even product specific ones? – ChatGPT has you covered. Provide it with your brand guidelines and it seamlessly adopts your tone, infusing your ads with a more personalized flair.
  • Exclude irrelevant traffic
    As keyword matching in Google Ads continues to broaden, the necessity of managing negative keywords increases. Employ ChatGPT to distinguish common phrases associated with your keywords, especially those that are unlikely to generate any business. This strategy helps to refine your campaign, eliminating unnecessary keyword clutter and focusing on the terms that truly bring you success.
  • Script creation
    While ChatGPT may not directly operate within your Google Ads account, it can assist you in creating scripts that do. With ChatGPT’s aid, you can promptly craft scripts intended for automating processes within your account, whether for optimization purposes or for generating reports. It’s worth noting that a basic understanding of JavaScript can be beneficial to ensure that the scripts do what they claim to do.
  • Educate yourself
    If you’re part of an agency, it’s likely that you’re dealing with clients from a diverse range of industries. ChatGPT can quickly educate you about the most important aspects of your clients’ businesses, giving you a greater understanding of their operations and how to best promote their offer. Similarly, ChatGPT can help you identify relevant audiences and discern which selling points will resonate most with each group. This deeper understanding will allow for more effective and targeted advertising strategies.

In a nutshell, ChatGPT is a mighty AI tool that breathes life into digital marketing, transforming keyword strategies, ad copy creation, and more. As Google gears up to integrate AI into its ad platform, ChatGPT is already paving the way towards the future. The marketing game isn’t just changing, it’s levelling up!