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Distribution is Kong– and here’s why

I was (somewhat) part of the inception of Trickle, six years ago (almost to the day). The first meeting I had was with a now colleague at The Domain Was Taken who said, and I am paraphrasing, “content is king but content distribution is KING KONG!”. I had no idea what he talked about.

I know better now. 

For me, and for the rest of Trickle for that matter, content distribution is just one of those terms that has become synonymous with our way of thinking. What is basically is, in its umbrella term goodiness, is a way to emphasize the distribution side of content (marketing/production). The gooey, caramel centre of a chocolate praline wrapped in organic, paid, social listening, community management.  

With the customer journey (and loyalty loop) there is a messy middle problem. 

The consideration of it all. That’s what content distribution seeks to straighten out: moving the needle, building intent, uplifting brand and stories. To oversimplify: build long-term engaging relationships and assist to that ever so sought-after conversion. 

Creatives are from Venus, distributors are from Mars…

Early on we identified two major issues we aimed to solve with our approach to content distribution.
The first being the skewed budgets. A fancy film that was produced for millions, but given zero media budget. Cost per eye balls reached? One hun… Let’s just say a nightmare. 

The second was, creatives and media agencies did not speak with each other. And if they did, they did so with alienating and frustratingly complex lingos.

With Trickle, with content distribution, we bridge that gap. Translate data to creative insights, and creative formats into media plans and customer journeys. Instead of trying so g-damn hard to “hack the algorithms”; finding ways to use the digital landscape to inspire creative instead is what we’ve learnt works the absolute best. 

Content is still king. And mind you: distribution is still King Kong.

Eager to learn more? Listen to the episode featuring me in the Digital Marknadsföring podcast with Tony Hammarlund (Listen to episode here) , where I speak non-stop about content distribution for an hour or so. Unfortunately in Swedish. If you’re longing for the same treatment in English, I am happy to take a meeting. Shoot me an email!