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AI Policy

AI is an integral part of digital marketing and paid advertising, and for good reason. It can potentially revolutionize our work by streamlining operations, gaining valuable insights, elevating reporting standards, and enhancing our customers’ experience. At Trickle, we understand the significance of AI and have implemented an AI policy to ensure that it is used ethically, transparently, and effectively. Our AI policy applies to everyone involved in client delivery; including employees, subcontractors and consultants, and partner agencies. Trickle takes responsibility for ensuring that external parties are aware of and abide by these guidelines.


Responsibility and supervision:
Every individual at Trickle who monitors or uses AI as a tool is responsible for following the applicable laws and regulations. Trickle maintains, via the AI Group, a supervising structure for all AI-related activities.


Privacy and data security:
Trickle is committed to safeguarding the privacy of all users and customers. We collect and process data by applicable laws and regulations. Using AI for data collection and analysis aligns with our privacy policy, and we ensure not to upload sensitive data to any AI tool without our clients’ consent. Any and all data uploaded for processing is anonymized before being utilized by a third-party AI tool.


Transparency & customer communication:
We are transparent about using AI in our services and inform our customers about how AI is used to optimize their advertisements and marketing campaigns. During our onboarding process with new clients, we provide an overview of how Trickle leverages AI to ensure a shared understanding. When producing content, we are committed to explicitly informing the client when it is AI-generated.

Trickle believes in transparent and open communication with our clients regarding the use of AI in their campaigns, and in addressing any questions or concerns they or we may have.


Trickle believes in the ethical and responsible use of AI. We do not use AI in a manner that is misleading, discriminatory, or illegal, and avoid contributing to disseminating unethical or harmful content through our AI systems. We also strive to counteract AI bias in all our prompting.


Continuous training and development:
At Trickle we strongly believe in a never-ending learning process. Trickle has always invested in training and development of the staff when it comes to trends and competence-increasing activities within digital marketing. As AI plays a natural role in the digital marketing landscape, it is a crucial part of our future learnings and development.

Our AI policy will be periodically reviewed and updated as needed to ensure that Trickle remains in compliance with the highest standards of ethics and efficiency in AI-driven digital marketing.


Date: October 26th 2023