Dfind: Changemakers


During the summer the Swedes, whilst resting comfortably in their Baden Baden chairs, take the time to reflect over their current job situation. We wanted to seize that opportunity and establish Dfind as an advisory extraordinaire – the one to help your career soar to new, existing levels.


Introducing the concept of "Changemakers" to segment groups based on customer data and user activity, both on LinkedIn and Facebook, and guide them through the customer journey resulting in a sign-up conversion on site via the "Are you a Changemaker?" test.


We only needed 46 % of the budget...

...to beat the goals by a whopping 320 %.


Yes. We know. Money well spent.



16 500

Website visitors

6 700

Took the full Changemakers test


86 % lower than goal.


Twice what was expected.

Why waste money on sporadic LinkedIn users when we want Changemakers, we thought, and partnered with LinkedIn to segment our targeting on heavy users in specific fields for maximum effect.

1 %

Based on Dfind's segmented customer data of people who

2 %

recently applied for jobs we could create lookalikes

4 %

with strong relevancy which we then used on Facebook.

The best part? The campaign was turned into a concept, where the leads generated were proven to pretty darn solid.


New leads

+60 %

Email open rate

41 %

CTR from email.

Here's to the Changemakers!