Attract and acquire top-tier students


Content distribution

How do you enhance your company's reputation while increasing the volume of high-quality leads? Together with Skanska and our content partner Spoon, Trickle launched an annual extensive campaign to enable Skanska to create attention, collect leads, and build its reputation within a demanding target group.


Attract and acquire top-tier students

As one of the world’s leading construction companies, Skanska was looking to attract the very best engineering students. However, the competition is fierce. Engineering graduates have plenty of job offers to choose from. Skanska faces competition from prominent players in construction as well as reputable companies in oil, gas, industrial and technology sectors.


To win this battle, Skanska partnered with Trickle as their distribution agency to implement a strategic, long-term employer branding approach for attracting and retaining top graduates.



Grensesprenger – the ultimate student battle.

Teams of 2-4 students were invited to participate in the competition “Grensesprenger” by submitting written perspectives on transitioning the construction industry to a circular approach. The top five teams were then selected for the annual finals in Trondheim.


The first Grensespenger event took place in August 2021. Subsequently, Trickle has been responsible for distributing the annual campaign and ensuring the participation of qualified students for Grensespenger.


Overall objectives: 



The distribution tactics consisted of both upper-, mid- and lower-funnel activities in order to guide the segment through the customer journey: From building awareness of Skanska and the competition, down to converting teams to Grensesprenger. 


Through extensive target group research, we identified specific target groups based on user data and qualitative analysis to ensure we reached the right audience. Furthermore, we selected platforms in which we were able to build reach and gather high-quality leads: Meta, TikTok, Snapchat, Linkedin, YouTube, Display, Google Search and OOH.

Tactics info


Embrace a test-and-learn approach by continuously experimenting with different variables to improve results: Platforms, placement, segments, landing pages, copies and content.

Relevancy is key

Focus on relevancy and timing in the choice of placements to avoid ad fatigue. Alongside other tactics, utilise hyperlocal geo-targeting on both social media and out-of-home to reach students at desired universities. Also, implement specifically tailored content for each study location to enhance ad relevance.

Stages of the decision journey

Measure KPIs throughout the customer journey to support campaign objectives connected to brand awareness, consideration and lead generation.

Success factors



A well-planned, holistic distribution strategy based on qualitative and quantitative analysis of the target audience.


Tracking & reporting

Implementing a robust tracking structure to collect valuable data throughout the customer journey, as well as implementing a well-established reporting structure. Continuous sharing of knowledge and insights to improve results. Close communication with an engaged client provided valuable insight and feedback throughout the campaign period.



Ability and mandate to frequently optimize tactics, ads and content based on weekly results.

Results from the latest Grensesprenger campaign in 2023

35 442

Over the course of the 6-week campaign period, recorded a total of 35,442 visits from students all over Norway.


31 teams registered to Grensesprenger and twenty teams submitted their entries - all considered high-quality submissions by Skanska.


Keywords closely associated with the competition achieved click-through rates of up to 64%, indicating high student interest and engagement


The number of teams submitting their entries doubled compared to last year's competition

Following Grensesprenger 2022, two-thirds of the winning team were offered permanent positions at Skanska, while six of the finalists received summer job offers. In 2023, two additional finalists will join as permanent employees, with at least three accepting summer job offers.


And the best part? In 2023, Skanska achieved its best ranking ever in the Universum survey of the most attractive employers, stepping up three notches from 2022. Skanska surpassed all competitors and now ranks as the best contractor on the list!