Campaign activation

Sandvik: Smashproof Guitar


Can you 3D print an unsmashable guitar? This question, posed by Sandvik Group, was the backbone of the campaign "The Smashproof Guitar", where Sandvik with a mix of creatives told the story of their engineering expertise with a unique all metal 3D-printed guitar in collaboration with rock legend Yngwie Malmsteen. The guitar was ultimately set to the test; a live performance where Malmsteen - known for his guitar smashing habit - tried to smash the unsmashable...


We set up long-term target groups for Sandvik, with different purposes and customer journey tactics, which all connected to key moments in the campaign; allowing the campaign to work simultaneously as a PR machine, eye opener for potential new recruitments and a brand strengthening campaign with messages around their advanced solutions and engineering expertise. Therefore, working omni channel, it allowed for finely tuned optimization for maximized effect as well as longevity.




Video views


Quality interactions


full, total, completed - the works! - video views.

Average completion rate of 15 % for top creatives.


No thank you, digital waste!


Anti-digital waste was our guiding star in this here campaign. Quality visits & views only.

How, you say? Multiple user journeys & a three phase structure.


Teaser 📼


Launch 🚀


Consideration ⚖️


Strong creatives + thought out media planning = key.


Quality = success beyond KPI's & metrics!